Dr. Ahmed Ali Goda

Dr. Ahmed Goda

Stornoway is a construction company with a long-standing reputation for excellence. We specialize in commercial property construction but have a small portfolio of industrial and residential properties. Currently, we cater to the German market, but are looking to expand internationally.


Dental Cariology


Biomimetic Dentistry

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Ahmed Goda

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Stornoway specializes in commercial construction, but over the years we have undertaken a number of projects in industrial and residential property construction. We are a flexible team with expertise in all aspects of construction work.


Commercial Construction


Industrial Construction


Residential Construction


We are always looking for skilled construction professionals to join our team. If you think you’d make a good fit, have a look at our open positions, or leave an unsolicited application.

Dr. Ahmed Ali Goda 

Mahmoud Rashwan 34, 74133
Assuit, Egypt


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